Who Are We ?

Marsa Matrooh Co. is a leading retail business in nuts, seeds and sweets of all kinds. We started our business in 2000 with one retail store, and as of today the company has grown to have 13 branches, a warehouse and real estate. The company has reached a total number of 45 employees which most of them are dedicated to the retail division..

Facts About Us.

What is interesting about our products is that we don’t import finished goods. Rather, we import raw seeds and nuts from Egypt, China and Thailand and roast them in our branches everyday, as well as our chocolates and sweets that are important from various places including Turkey and Lebanon. Raw goods arrive through sea and land to our warehouse. We then distribute them to branches where we roast them on a daily basis to ensure fresh nuts are served everyday at Marsa Matrooh.

The CEO is such a dynamic and a practical character who chooses to visit the farming lands in Egypt and China to personally pick and collect the harvest that best meets the company quality standards and present the best roasted nuts in town.

Company Background

In 2012, a major improvement has taken place when our newly introduced product line, ArAsh, has been officially registered in the Ministry of Commerce. ArAsh is a new branded segment of finished and packaged Nuts and Seeds that are produced in our factory. ArAsh packaged products are distributed all across the west cost in super markets, mini marts and gas stations through excellent sales force and strategy. Our main goal of shifting to production is to increase our market share and to make our products available everywhere in the country. The factory currently has 3 production lines and 17 different typesof roasted products.

Our Passion

Our passion for good quality and new products has always been the main concept in Marsa Matrooh. Our mission is to always improve, expand and have more presence and market share, as we always aim to have more locations the following year. Our team always hunts for the best locations in town as location is essential to the sales revenue and market size. As of today, we have averaged one store per year and we continue to challenge our own performance and strive to have more locations in more areas across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Branches


Aljameah St.


At-Tawbah St.


Ghernata St.


Al-Arbaen St.


Al-Raheely Station
Makkah Road.


Al-Madinah Road
Bin Hammod Station, near Al-Beik.


Makkah Road
Al-Meizan Station.


Near Al-Beik.


Palestine St
near Al-Beik

Al-Laith Road

Al-Hijaz Station

Mekkah Almukaramah

Near Al-Beik

Mekkah Almukaramah

Near Hira Restaurant


Al-Noor Station - Fourth Ring rd


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KSA - Jeddah - Al-sharafiah - At-Tawbah St.

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